A New Year and Dan VS First Series = 1 Month Away!!!

It's true.  Can you believe it?  What right has time, to do this to us?  Imagine!  What nerve!  As we get closer to the end of '10 and the beginning of '11, have you noticed, as time goes on, if things get more on your nerves?  Seems as we get older, there's certainly more and more to complain about.  As we emerge from our teens and into somewhat of an adulthood, there are more and more obstacles in our way.  How we choose to beat 'em and fight back is what makes life all the more interesting!

I have been trying to focus on ways to relax and not stress as much as I used to.  It's helped.  As for Dan...well, I think he should make a New Year's resolution to...compromise and try to chill more...but that's just me.

Here are the fantastic voice talents of Dan and Chris from Dan VS.

Curtis Armstrong as Dan

Dave Foley as Chris

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